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About CERADEX's Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor

CERADEX's Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor is made from our very own special high sensitive planar ceramic element, enclosed inside of the sensor. The sensor’s small M12 thread size as well as its small body size, is ideal for ODM and EFI pairing use. Our mechanical structure of the sensor comes with PTFE filter for better water and oil intrusion resistance. In addition, the sensor comes with higher sensitive heating element that assures reaching of high temperature at shorter time. This may be ideal for motorcycle environment.

To ensure the highest quality and stability, every piece of sensor manufactured undergoes strict simulated bench for function check of lambda voltage output, as well as pressurized sealing bench for leakage check. With 25 years of experience in the field, choose CERADEX's Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor for your ODM and OEM needs.